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Teaching Skills

When a child or adolescent struggles to read, we teach them with a variety of methods how to improve their reading. The same is true if they struggle to ride a bicycle or throw a ball. However, with emotional regulation and coping skills, we struggle to do the same. Parents and families rely on tutors and coaches to help teach these skills. That is why I am passionate about teaching emotional regulation and coping skills to children and adolescents.

What can you do today to help your child?

Let your child or adolescent know that feelings are a normal part of life and they are always changing.  Individuals can also have multiple, contradicting feelings at the same time.  This is OKAY!  Needing help can come at any part of this process.  Identifying the feeling, expressing the feeling appropriately and coping with the feeling.  These are things that take time to learn, but YOU CAN LEARN THEM!  You didn't learn how to multiply in one day and you won't learn all of these skills in one day either.  This is a journey that each individual takes at their own pace.  I can be with you on this journey to support your child and you.  

-Heather Herrick, LMSW